'Transcendence' Collection

‘Transcendence’  is the soul of PHERES, invoking a more globally encompassing platform. A captivating, celebratory relevance of one’s unique Life journey. The Collection’s unquestionable allure articulates through subtlety, more so then saturation. It bridges yesterday into today, her emissaries adorned with a highly refined empowerment, a quantum promise of Tomorrow.  
The inspiration behind this collection comes from Kintsugi’s ‘aesthetic if existence’ – a time-honored vision and wisdom that comes full circle in its symbolic, completion, and meaning for life as a lifestyle. The implementation of designing the ‘Transcendence’ Collection is highly unique, envisioned, and manifested into an ultra-modern, streamlined tone that echoes the journey and process of sophistication. A trajectory that tracks, marks a learning experience seems cyclical and it is, in its conceptual form/paradigm, but it’s more dimensional, evolutionary than that. 

This collection can be seen as an organic extension of the concept of Wabi-Sabi implemented in PHERES’s perception and approaches. It is a design that sets a visualization of our lives and the PHERES woman’s journey of learning, living and loving not only every one she encounters and inspires, but starting with the source of empowerment – her very own self. A refined individual who practices self-empowerment, balance, and healthy change – is an individual that knows herself extremely well, and aspiring to constantly improve herself, empower herself as a life-long journey of Art. An ever-growing, self-realized, freethinking individual who best navigates within her expanding environment and empowers everyone else she encounters. 

Every Aspect and experience on encounters in Life is an opportunity for ‘Transcendence’

For this ‘Transcendence’ Collection it felt organically perfect for the rings not to be traditional and for the ‘journey’ not to be sealed or closed. PHERES wanted each ring to configure around the finger to emulate this multi-dimensional journey of ‘Transcendence’ that every PHERES women celebrates. As our consciousness keeps evolving, new branches sprout into newly-explored directions that guide us into our higher selves. 

If you look at the rings from the side, it almost has a two-dimensional perspective. Yes, we see an interesting journey forged by the ‘arms of growth’ that configure around the finger. It maps out the arc of the piece (and the message), the crucible that beholds the diamonds. But we don’t see the infinite sparkle/‘Transcendence’ that is ensconces, that it cradles within its journey from its side-view, until we gain an aerial perspective and then see its miraculous wonders within all its diverse, inter-dimensional scope, range, and profound perspective. The form and the interplay between side and aerial perspective conjures a visual representation of the act and journey of ‘Transcendence’ itself. 

In the slipstream called Life, the only constant is Change.

‘Transcendence’  is a Collection celebrating resonances from ancient cultures and wisdom reflecting incomparable refinement in the Here and Now. It embodies a quintessentially-realistic, attainable personification of ‘realistic excellence as lifestyle’. It’s an awakening, realizing that the perfection we were (engineered to perceive as such, previously) striving for and aspiring towards over the past few centuries does not ground. This collection sings today’s very exploration/realization that the only perfection is imperfect.

Each piece is a canvas unveiling immersive, experiential awakenings. The textures, nuances, hypnotic poetry, and brilliant voices of the gems give a face to your life’s brushstrokes. It’s a design process that practices Zen influenced ideology transformed into a pragmatic lifestyle. ‘Transcendence’ does not erase Her past, but celebrates the release from it, through remembering everything it took to ‘get there’/to ‘get here’ and take all her formerly ‘broken’ pieces/life lessons – now galvanized through the most powerful alchemy of all/Gold – into the future and beyond. 

‘Transcendence’ is a profound, interwoven beauty representing layers, each an acquired intelligence filtering through these very apparent ‘breaks’. It strengthens what has survived – ‘You’ – into being the consummate beauty of today. “Seeing” this transformative process becomes the very ‘gold’ within the collection. As in Kintsugi, the existential glue/precious metal in ‘Transcendence’ that celebrates the confluence of all the pieces in your life is gold. 

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