Founded by designer Narcisa Pheres over a decade ago, as a highly exclusive Italian luxury brand, PHERES® has taken on a new life of its own. 

PHERES® maintains its focus on creating unique luxury experiences that walk the fine line between elegance and extravagance-tearing down walls of limitation and boldly innovating a symbiosis of style.

Among the PHERES® brand are the Narcisa Pheres Fine Jewelry pieces that have been gracing many red carpet events. With these pieces, in the belief that true opulence is in the detail, the greatest of consideration and care is paid to even the smallest of steps in the design and creation process.


Narcisa Pheres Narcisa Pheres

Narcisa Pheres is the Creative Director and founder of PHERES®, Italian luxury brand; Narcisa Pheres studied fashion design at Instituto di Moda Burgo in Milan and Fashion marketing at Central St Martins, London. She also got her GIA Jewelry design Certification at Carlsbad, USA, and she is a GIA certified diamond expert.

Her journey as a renowned designer began in 2000 where she delved into luxury fashion and high-end diamond jewelry, designing exclusive auction pieces for Japanese collectors. Since that time, “Narcisa Pheres,” is a jewelry line dedicated exclusively for fine jewelry enthusiasts, combining one-of-a-kind diamonds with breathtaking designs for the high-end market.