Our Role in Creating A Sustainable Future in Luxury

At PHERES, we strive to design beautiful fine jewelry pieces while implementing sustainability in the best possible way. As a company, PHERES supports and ensures that we source ethically with sustainability and climate change in mind, while nurturing a cultural and gender diverse team.

PHERES is extremely careful with the source of materials we use; because of this, we implement the UN Resolution on the Kimberley Reports (ethical sourcing of Diamonds) and only work with suppliers who adhered to that. It is essential to provide clear provenance of diamonds or other gems, as it is important to PHERES to ensure that our pieces are made in the best possible way. 

Our CEO and Founder, Narcisa Pheres, focuses on sustainability and incorporates in PHERES in all aspects. Through dedication and determination to ensure that sustainability is factored into all aspects of business, as well as in the world, Narcisa co-founded GR8 with Sakiko Yamada. The creation of GR8 symbolizes a huge turning point for taking initiative in matters that we care about and maintaining its implementation. It is important to the company’s foundation and is a top priority for the future of luxury goods.

GR8 strives to implement change by working closely with organizations, policy makers and others to educate people about these matters at a micro and macro level. Through various keynote speakers from diverse backgrounds, GR8 strives to inform and educate the society about the 8 principles that are interlinked and important for our future. These 8 principles include:

Diversity and inclusion



Climate change

Health, Nutrition, and Beauty


Social Diplomacy and Manner

Most recently, GR8 hosted its first series of curated talks on ‘Diversity & Sustainability’ on February 27th, 2020 at the Official Residence of the French Ambassador at the Embassy of France in Tokyo. Key Japanese experts in sustainable investments, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESGs) shared their expertise and learnings with the audience, with a primary focus on the impact of cultural/gender diversity and the influence of diversity of thoughts and opinions on sustainability. 

With approximately 100 guests in attendance, this conference not only held an open discussion from the view of technology advancement, cultural diversity, gender equity, and government policies towards investments and their impact on sustainability, but opinions were exchanged from various angles of society. Audience members had the opportunity to ask questions and participate within this open discussion.

Narcisa gives talks around the world on sustainability in luxury goods and firmly believes that the future of luxury stands with brands that are ethically sourcing and using sustainable materials, ethical labor and operating best corporate practices.  

It is essential to us as a company that we continue our vision of sustainability in the luxury goods industry and maintain goals that tie in with the foundation principles of GR8. 

Picture Credit: David Scneider