Diversity - A Force Towards Creativity

Ahead of Women’s Day this Sunday, we want to celebrate and acknowledge the strong force and pillars of strength women are in everybody’s life. We tend to give ourselves not enough credit. 
A diverse and inclusive community is not only limited to the workforce, but in all facets of life.  As they say, “empowered women, empower women. It’s important to believe, listen, strive, support and co-exist in order to succeed together. 

Founder, CEO & Creative Directory, Narcisa Pheres aims to empower and inspire women through fine jewelry that speaks to them. This combination of classic and contemporary and integrating a personal touch resonates to the modern day woman and her desire of making jewelry a part of her personal identity.

The ‘Women of Today‘ campaign released nearly this time last year was an artistic ode to a modern day woman. Through the brand, we channel innovative ways in expressing our uniqueness all while cultivating in a diverse society.
An open and free space is a canvas for endless opportunties. This is why we encourage students from all backgrounds to apply for internships at PHERES as we believe in upraising a diverse team.

Similarly, we like to connect and collaborate with companies an organizations that have share mutual beliefs on gender and cultural diversity.
To you, who is strong, compassionate, beautiful and unique, may you continue to inspire those around you. Happy Women’s Day!