'Fluidity' Collection

The ‘Fluidity‘ Collection encompasses a meaning like no other PHERES Collection. ‘Fluid’ has been evolved and refined to ‘Fluidity’. A subtle but immeasurable power within the change, activating/’animates’ the process, the beauty, the ‘essence of being’ intended through ‘Fluid’ and what it means today. The ‘Fluidity‘ Collection encapsulates the zeitgeist/spirit of the times, which is what one always tries to aim for when creating something – an Art piece – that is intended to speak in riveting, most-connecting ways. Invoking an identification with each and every onlooker within an audience as wide as a given demographic allows to be possible. 

This Collection carries within it a sense of ‘doing something’…’activating something’…activating your ‘Self’. While it is not a verb, it feels like a gerund. A verb with no specific tense, but rather one which transcends a sense of eternity and continuum. A tense that connotes a process that is both eternal, on-going, and timeless. Ironically, its power is far too dimensional to attempt containing thought language, neither to be captured and trivialized by contention. 

A balanced and confluent unisex collection of ‘tools’ that builds YOU. A timeless ode to the contemporary style of tools-turned-jewelry as statements of celebratory refinement that capture the spirit and heart of today’s ‘Fluid’ times across all borders. 

Inspired from previous PHERES Collection, ‘Fluidity‘ encompasses the wisdom from Wabi-Sabi and an organic extension of the concept of Wabi-Sabi implemented in the perceptions and approaches of PHERES. That’s what makes the resonance of antiquity so astonishingly relevant. Breaking off the shackles of expectation and misconstrued interpretation that have become blinding labels people. Women are tragically expected to deliver, assume and live their lives as pawns or puppets. Such misconceptions fuel the fires of an enslaved mind, creating an enslaved soul and thwarts the quantum celebration and possibility of what each and every one of us could be.  An inspiration to always remember that you can never capture what you can’t control.

To remove these layers and narratives of oppression, a woman discovers her true Voice. how can she inspire others to love and treat each other kindly, if she can’t live her life in the quantum probability and possibility of being “Her”. This is the empowering process and anthem that PHERES ‘Fluidity’ Collection upholds. She is not an individual piece/aspect of who you are, but the confluence of all of these put together, carrying a collective ‘Wisdom-Beauty’ traversing time into one ‘You’.

The only limitation is the one we place on ourselves, because the only power people have over us is the power we in turn grant them. The only love we receive is the love we believe we deserve. 

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