Women of Today

Introducing PHERES' 2019 campaign, an artistic rendition of a modern day woman. 

We believe that women are powerful, bold and conscientious to succeeding in their goals and aspirations. This is an ode to women like you who are tearing down walls of limitations and unleashing their passion of listening to their inner calling.

A Narcisa Pheres woman is independent, fashionable, multi-faceted and percipient. You have a strong personality looking for something to set you apart from others. Each look in this series emulates the various roles and characteristics of a modern day woman.

YOU represent the modern day woman who is receptive to cross cultural significances and hold a strong opinion towards values you truly believe in.

YOU embrace all the qualities of a modern day woman by always staying true to your roots and overcoming challenges with utmost grace and sincerity.

YOU are a role model of being gracious, understanding and loving towards building a network of women like you.


Photographer: @tudorcucu

Stylist: @amirdobos

Art Director: @narcisapheres

Talent:⁣ @corneliatat⁣ & @aishamed_

Makeup: @ceciliarentea ⁣

Hairstylist: @alexsarghe